Me Like Bees: Special treat for Arcade Fire/Modest Mouse fans TONIGHT!

Don’t miss Me Like Bees at Rock Island Live tonight!

I caught Me Like Bees when they played Rock Island Live in July. I’d seen their name around on Facebook and had to check their music out, based on the name alone I was expecting something interesting. They do not disappoint.

With a quick listen their influences of Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse are widely apparent. I hesitate to compare bands in such a manner, but it’s such an obvious fit. The band lists those bands as influences anyway so I don’t think I’m out of line in my comparison.

In the description of their music they say that they aim to keep their melodies simple, and they do. But the music is still interesting, simple ≠ boring. Their songs are catchy, quirky, fun and danceable.


Iconica, off their EP, nicely balances an ascending lead riff over a slow beat, the lead vocals come in like a rhythmic schizophrenic that’s talking back to the voices in their head. The pacing of the chorus speeds up and if you’re not careful it could easily be lodged in your brain.

Devil’s Song, off the same EP, is a smooth song about stealing your soul (I’m probably wrong about that, but I said it anyway because I’m irresponsible). All of their songs seem to be a bit up tempo with a lot of energy, and with guitar parts that fall into the higher frequency of sound.

Good Machine seems less upbeat than their other songs with a slower going verse… but it’s still a fast song with hard hitting beat. This song sounds like it has a bit of a Radiohead influence to it.

I didn’t give Me Like Bees a thorough enough listen to write a thorough piece on their music. So overall: it’s great. They are a really fun band to watch live. For as much as they say their music is simple, it’s really not. There is a lot of stuff going on in each of their songs. The melodies are, as they say, simple. While I can’t at this time pick out a single remarkable thing about this band’s music, I don’t think this is because it is unremarkable. It is because they have so much going into the creation of each of their tracks. A lot of different sounds and dynamics, all mixing together to create something that is audibly pleasing–without being overwhelming or pretentious. Anyone that enjoys a catchy hook will dig this, and for the audiophiles digging deeper you will also be rewarded.

You should probably research this yourself. Go watch them tonight, and pick up an EP. I promise you will be delighted.

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